Our Chickens

Laying Hens:

Our hens are raised right here at Brookford on our pastures. They are fed non-GMO grain and enjoy roaming the beautiful land. 

Broiler Chickens:

We looked through each area of our production and had to make a difficult decision of not doing our broiler operation this year for the summer and fall/ winter. We decided for 2017 to not do the broiler operation, just rather strengthen our other operations first. There is always time to get back into broilers. Maybe with a different system and some more head space. 

Jeremiah Vernon, our farmer friend, offered to us to grow the broilers for this years CSA. He, his wife and 3 children are farming a beautiful farm in the seacoast. He specialized himself with growing pasture raised chicken. He is using a Cornish Cross (very productive) and feeds non- GMO feed.