Our Pigs

The pigs are an essential part of Brookford Farm. They slurp up all the whey our creamery produces, and munch on lots of organic vegetables deemed too damaged by pests or disease, as is inevitable in organic production. One of their most important jobs is to convert woodland into new fields and pastures.  With their snouts, the pigs root in the dirt and turn the soil over…no plowing needed!  Most of the farm soil is light and sandy.  So the pigs are a great tool for building up good humus and enriching the soil.

In the summer, often you will find the pigs in the shade or wallowing in the mud in order to cool off because they cannot sweat.  In the colder months, they cuddle themselves into big hay heaps or lay in the sun.  Pigs are very intelligent and social animals.

We choose heritage breeds such as Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot, and Large Black.  Our pigs are very solid, vigorous, and full of life. These breeds have high-quality meat and fat commonly sought after by chefs.

Out in the woods and pastures, the pigs find loads of roots, acorns, bugs, and whatever else Mother Nature offers them. We supplement their diet with non-gmo grains and minerals, as well as any scraps from the farm. After all the crops have been harvested from a field, we use the hogs to glean whatever the vegetable crew left behind. Waste not, want not.