Certified Organic Vegetables

Over the past few years Brookford Farm has consistently grown over 35 acres of certified organic vegetables in Canterbury, NH, available year round.  What makes our operation unique is the combination of multiple hundred acres of diversified farming, equipment, and people involved.  Rotation can play a huge role in agriculture. Our vegetables move to new fields every year, allowing multiple years between when a crop is planted again in the same location.  In the mean time, thousands of animals graze, hay and winter feed bales are made, cover crops are grown, and composted manure is spread.  The advantages often lead to much less pest and disease pressures, healthier plants, longer growing windows for certain crops, and less dependence on biochemical sprays.  CSA members enjoy an ever increasing variety of vegetables harvested fresh, well washed, packed, and delivered the next morning during the main growing season.  We also sell wholesale to schools, hospitals, co-ops, restaurants, and can be found at many farmers markets throughout the year in New Hampshire.