Partner Distribution Program

Not located near one of our other CSA pickup locations? Or perhaps you're not available during the local farmers market where we hand out shares? Whatever the case, if you'd like to have shares delivered right to you every week the Partner Distribution Program may be right for you.  In exchange for recruiting member families and organizing the weekly distribution you will receive a substantial credit toward the price of your share the following season.

Businesses are encouraged to organize distribution to their employees and should check with their insurance companies, as some will cover the cost of shares.

What’s required:

  • Organize a group of CSA members in your area.

  • Provide a distribution location & coordinate with us to set the delivery weekday.

  • Manage bottle deposits and refunds for the group.


  • Savings: As the organizer/distributor you will receive a credit of 3% of the value of the shares of other CSA members your organize good towards your next session’s share. (ex. You sign up 15 members totaling $15k, you will receive a $450 credit toward your next session share purchase!)

  • Bring nutritious, local food into your community, delivered right to you.

We will deliver the shares to your location as part of our weekday regional delivery routes.

It should be noted that picking up your share at a staffed pickup location, a farmers market, or at the farm itself will allow you to trade certain vegetables in for others using our "swap box" program, whereas other pickup types do not have this option.

If you are interested or have any questions please email us today

Credit can only be applied to cost of CSA shares and has no cash value.  Program credit cannot be combined with other rebate offers.