We’re hiring! Are you or someone you know interested in getting involved in sustainable agriculture? Our farm is highly diversified, allowing folks to pick up a variety of skills while providing food for hundreds of families across New Hampshire and neighboring states. We milk a herd of about 70 dairy cows, raise steer for beef, keep pasture-raised hogs and chickens, and grow nearly 40 acres of certified organic vegetables. Where do you fit in? Read about all our open positions below.


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Delivery Driver - POSITION FILLED

The position will assist with CSA and wholesale distribution in New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts.  Job will include working as directed by sales team to deliver products rhythmically to existing routes throughout New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts.   Packing trucks, keeping trucks clean, routine truck inspections will also be part of the job.  Applicant must have a valid drivers license, be able to lift 50 lbs consistently, and have excellent communication skills. He/she should have a passion for strengthening regional food systems.


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Vegetable Field Manager - POSITION FILLED

The Field Manager is responsible for executing the planting schedule, ensuring an efficient and punctual process from seeding to transplanting to eventual harvest. The Farm Manager and Field Manager plan said schedule together, including crop varieties and field rotations. This position requires a great deal of tractor experience. Management of bed preparation, transplanting, fertility, irrigation, and pest/disease control falls under the watch of the Field Manager. Close communication with the Assistant Field Manager and other skilled tractor operators is required to delegate cultivation and maintenance tasks. On occasion the Field Manager may train and lead crews in harvesting or cultivating. As we make strides towards GAPS certification, we require the creation and maintenance of detailed record keeping. 

Assistant Vegetable Field Manager - Accepting Applicants

A strong candidate will have experience and skills in the operation and maintenance of machinery, as the Assistant Field/Maintenance Manager is responsible for the majority of mechanical weed cultivation, lots of advanced larger tractor work in support of the Field Manager, and the majority of the maintenance and repair of the vegetable crew's machinery, including tractors, implements, etc. The position doesn't necessarily require a background in agriculture, but a strong proven interest in sustainable food production would be vital for sustained motivation and interest. While much of the position's responsibilities involve machinery, the Assistant Field/Maintenance Manager will also work closely with the Harvest Manager, leading crews on harvest days, and helping to lead those same crews on hand cultivation tasks when not harvesting. Accordingly, successful applicants will be self-motivated, efficient independent workers, and capable of leading small groups. 

 Vegetable Harvest Manager - POSITION FILLED

The Harvest Manager is the go-to gardener who knows when crops will be ready to harvest and can predict yields. This job requires consistent evaluation of the fields and regular communication with the harvest crew leaders, the Field Manager, and the Packing House Manager. Crew training, inspection of work for accuracy and speed, and the delegation of the harvest list to harvest crew leaders are among some of this post’s regular responsibilities. Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize are important, as this position involves generation of harvest lists that maximize quality and freshness while also evaluating profitability and labor efficiency. The Harvest Manager will work with the Packing House Manager to maintain a digital harvest log as well as a record of harvest efficiency benchmarks for individual crops. Other responsibilities include: harvest supply inventory, tool upkeep and storage, and leading cultivation tasks when not harvesting. This post requires at least one prior season working with produce on a market scale, leadership experience, familiarity with and commitment to organic practices, and a strong drive. Experience operating farm machinery is preferred.

 Vegetable Packing House Manager - POSITION FILLED

We’re looking for a detail-oriented individual with an eye for quality and presentation who will oversee washing and packing activities and keep inventory of available produce. Experience in agriculture is not absolutely necessary, but familiarity with vegetables is important. Keeping a clean and organized workspace is vital, as is the ability to lead small groups. The Packing House Manager will work with our Sales department and the Harvest Manager to develop harvest lists that accommodate needs for wholesale, CSA, and farmers markets. This will also include keeping packing records, operating and maintaining washing equipment, ensuring that orders are ready for delivery drivers to load on time, and regular organization and cleaning of the cooler and shop space.

Vegetable Crew Member - Accepting Applicants
Successful candidates will have experience or a strong interest in agriculture/local food, and a proven work history in physically demanding positions. Special consideration will be given to those with pertinent advanced education and/or a career mindset. Experience operating tractors or other large machinery is always a plus.

Our work requires passion, precision, speed, and great stamina. This is a full time position with management/leadership roles that may available towards the beginning of next season. Pay is commensurate with experience and performance. 

Creamery Manager - POSITION FILLED

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Creamery Assistants - Accepting Applicants

Brookford Farm is seeking a creamery assistant to help with washing glass bottles and jars, bottling raw milk, and making various cheeses and yogurt. Cleanliness and attention to detail are essential.

Applicants should have a good understanding of food safety and sanitation and be able to lift 50lbs. This job requires working both independently and in small teams. No prior cheesemaking experience is necessary—we will train the right person.

This position is paid, hourly. 

Hog Manager - Accepting applications for 2019

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Poultry Manager -Accepting applications for 2019

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The herd manager orchestrates the cattle operation, from calving to culling and everything in between. This job calls for a patient and observant individual who has a good animal sense and can remember everyone's names and due dates! Cheating by checking Excel spreadsheets is occasionally acceptable. The herd manager must communicate production forecasting with the creamery and take demand into account when making decisions regarding the herd. Most of the breeding is done by the herd manager via artificial insemination, though we also keep a bull or two for when he's needed. Grazing planning, milking oversight, reproductive management, calf care, and basic veterinary care all fall under this position. 

Assistant Livestock - Accepting Applicants

This team player will assist with all aspects of the animals, such as feeding and watering the pigs and chickens and helping with pasture rotation for the cows. The Assistant Livestock staff will also help with milking and moving the cows along with caring for the calves. Cleanliness of animals, following proper milking procedures, and proper equipment handling are all very important. Must be available on weekends along with proof of a valid driver's license.

Relief Milkers - Accepting Applicants

These folks have worked with dairy cows in the past, and are adept at low-stress handling techniques. We will consider training those with strong interest but little experience. Each milking shift requires two people in the parlor, so the relief milkers are always working with someone who knows all the ladies well, but a good memory for certain animals is always helpful. Cleanliness of animals, following proper milking procedures, and proper equipment handling are all very important. Milking shifts run 5:30-8:30 AM and 4-7 PM. Weekend availability is a necessity. 

Farmers Market Assistant - Accepting Applicants

We are seeking a team member eager to share our products with the community! Friendly customer service is a must.

Apprenticeship Program - Accepting Applicants

One of our endeavors at Brookford Farm is to be a training ground for future farmers. Each year, we train several apprentices who work on all aspects of farm operations, including gardening, dairy farming and general animal care.  Apprentices are fully immersed in farm life and participate in seasonal and daily farm cycles from preparing beds in the spring to moving chicken fences in late morning.

We look for apprentices who are able to take responsibility for their work, who are interested in being part of a farm community of a dozen or so people who work together very closely, and who understand that, in addition to great satisfaction, working on a farm involves hard work and long hours.

The apprentice positions are for those with a little less experience looking to get more involved in sustainable agriculture. The niche each apprentice fills depends on interest, the time of year, and the needs of the farm. A possible day could include milking cows at dawn, harvesting and packing vegetables, and collecting eggs in the afternoon.

If you have experience in some aspect of farming and know you have the physical and mental constitution for this type of lifestyle, get in touch! 

Our work requires passion, precision, speed, and great stamina. Much of our crew will log 55+ rigorous hours in 5 days, through rain or shine. Successful candidates should be committed to sustainable agriculture and have a proven work history in physically demanding positions. Special consideration will be given to those with pertinent advanced education and/or a career mindset. Pay is commensurate to experience and skill set.

If interested, email your resume, cover letter, and at least two references to: