CSA Member Exclusives

While you can find many of our products in local retail stores or at farmers markets, the only way to experience everything we produce is through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Benefits of being a CSA member:

  • access to our CSA reserved 100% grass fed beef cuts

  • priority to our inventory of eggs

  • our whole diet share - the best deal on the farm!

  • full range of certified organic vegetables

  • create your own veggie share at our staffed locations

  • deliveries right to your place of business or residence

  • exposure to local foods included in your share such as apples, syrup and mushrooms

  • access to your member portal where you can create vacation holds and weeks to make it up.

As a CSA member, you invest in our business, and therein support sustainable agricultural practices and the local economy. Let us feed your family the best we have to offer!