“You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.”
— Joel Salatin

Our Values

At Brookford Farm, we believe that in diversified farming, all areas of production have symbiotic relationships with other production areas.

We believe deeply in organic methods which will make our earth a better place for our children.

We believe that a diversified farm can grow a greater variety of food.

We strive to produce high quality, pasture-oriented, nutrient-dense food year round.

We believe that our focus on the soil and well-being of plants and animals will have a positive effect on the health and well-being of the people who eat the food and the community who experience the farming activities.

We believe that the food we produce is good for us, our children and for you.

We believe in non-GMO farming practices, including any feed we may give our animals.

We strongly value land in a  fruitful state for future generations to utilize.

Our Mission

We believe that it is important to train young farmers in proper soil rebuilding techniques.

An important part of the mission of Brookford Farm in Canterbury is to reclaim and return the land and soils to optimum fertility. Through the use of organic methods, including a mixture of animal and green manures, crop rotation, and good ole’ observation, we hope to find the best uses of the land. We will have our ear to the ground and be listening for the response to our actions. Cows, pigs, chickens, insects, micro-organisms, vegetables, grasses, and a variety of grains will all intermingle and slowly but surely improve the fertility of the soil. As a result of this variety of life and their intermingling, we will have a variety of by-products to nourish our physical bodies. These products include milk, butter, cheese, beef, sausage, bacon, chicken, eggs, sauerkraut, and 40-50 varieties of fresh and stored vegetables.

We are an open place for people to come, visit and learn. We host a handful of public events over the course of the year, but many folks just come on the weekend to look at the newborn calves, the heifers out grazing or the pigs rooting in the soil.  Our products and events draw health and community-minded individuals from as far away as Boston.  All are welcome at any time and we believe strongly that people need to know more about where their food comes from.