Farmstead Cheeses

Here at Brookford Farm, we make a wide variety of dairy products in our on-site creamery. Much of that variety comes in the form of cheeses, which are a perfect way of preserving excess milk and enhancing natural flavors. As is true of all our dairy products, they are made with milk from 100% grass-fed cows, which is proven to be far better for you than that of conventionally raised animals. We make both raw and pasteurized milk cheeses. Read more about what we have to offer and pick some up at a market or the farm store to try for yourself!


Raw Cheddar

 A classic hard cheese made from our raw milk. Mild, with a sweet tang. Versatile, and wholesome. Makes for easy snacking with just about anything.

Smoked Cheddar

Our Raw Cheddar wheels return from Green Mountain Smokehouse imbued with sweet hickory flavor and a distinct orange color to the rind. This fan favorite makes a wonderful addition to comfort foods like macaroni and cheese or sandwich melts. Perfect atop a grassfed burger.

Clothbound Cheddar

A traditionally aged cheese, our Clothbound Raw Cheddar is swaddled in cheesecloth for over 6 months. This allows the cheese to develop a much deeper flavor profile and makes for a much drier end product that pairs wonderfully with cured meats.   


One of the oldest cheeses in modern production, Gouda a Dutch masterpiece. Our Gouda is unique in flavor due to the use of our nutrient dense, grass-fed cow's milk. With just one bite, you delve deep into the rich flavor of history. Available in smoked, with basil and with fenugreek!

Shades of Blue

Our blue cheese is a creamy delicacy. Some compare it's rich and tangy flavor to that of a Roquefort. Comes in smoked also!


Traditionally, feta is a sheep's milk cheese, but many of our customers say they prefer our version to any other feta they've tried! Crumbly and salty, it makes the perfect addition to salads.  We also have Smoked Feta!


Mild and creamy with a soft bloomy rind, our brie is perfect on a baguette. Best enjoyed at room temperature with a glass of nice red wine.   


Much like the Brie, only made in smaller rounds and touting a richer flavor, the Camembert is a mild, bloomy soft cheese. For a perfect appetizer, carefully cut out the top of the rind, sprinkle with nuts and a drizzle of honey, and warm to melted perfection in the oven before dipping your favorite bread or crackers right in!

Cottage Cheese

Made with hand cut fresh curds mixed with cream, our cottage cheese is a full bodied spread that will quickly become a household staple. Toss in some fruit for a light snack, or just sneak spoonfuls from the fridge!


Quark is a fresh farmer’s cheese made from part-skim cow’s milk which is often compared to ricotta or cream cheese. Central European in origin, the word “quark” means “curds” in German. Quark is extremely versatile in recipes, and can be used in sweet or savory dishes to impart moisture and richness to baked goods, soups, sauces, and dressings. Quark also makes a quick, delicious spread for toast, vegetables, or crackers. We offer Plain, Garlic & Dill, and Horseradish Quarks.

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