Brookford Land Trust FAQ

What is Community Supported Farm Land Ownership?

  • People coming together as a community to acquire, protect and provide affordable and secure farm land tenure to farms

What are the benefits of Community Supported Farm Land Ownership?

  • Protect local organic food producing farmland for future generations
  • Provide on-farm education, community building events and local jobs
  • Improve living wages for farmers and create quality of life for farm and community members

Why is Brookford exploring Community Supported Farm Land Ownership?

  • Align land debt with agricultural production to allow farm to focus on sustainability, increased production and soil health
  • Ensure soil health, water quality, ecological diversity, organic food production and connection to community continue on this farm long into the future

How is Brookford going to create this Community Supported Farm Land Ownership model?

  • Brookford is exploring several options to secure and protect farm. At this time exploration is focused on non-profit and cooperative ownership models, but decisions have not been finalized
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