Brookford Farm Community Supported Agriculture

Brookford Farm’s Year Round CSA offers the following seasonal sessions:  

Fall Bounty: October to December (10 weeks)

Winter: December to May (20 Weeks)

Spring: March to June (12 weeks)

Summer: June to October (20 weeks)

We offer several share options to fit your dietary needs and lifestyle! 

Winter/Spring 2019 Shares (January 7th - May)

  • Veggie Shares

    • Full Share = (recommended for a large family) $600

    • Biweekly Share =(recommended for a small family of 2 adults or 2 adults with small children) $380

    • 1/4 Share = 3 - 5 items per week $250 (available biweekly also)

  • Value Added Share: $320 (available biweekly also)

    • Each week choose 2 (choices will be made through our online system)

      • Any of our dairy items

      • Any of our fermented vegetables

      • 1 dozen eggs

      • Aged Meats

  • Meat Sampler: $231 (available biweekly also)

    • Each week you will receive 1 lb of a different type of meat. The variety will consist of bacon, sausage, ground beef, ground pork, stew beef or pork chops. The type of meat will be decided by the farm depending on availability.

  • Meat Shares:

    Full Meat Share (once a month: 6 lbs 100% grass fed beef, 6 lbs pastured pork and 2 broilers) $1017

    • Half Meat Share (once a month: 6 lbs of a mix of pork and beef and 1 broiler) $550

    • Add on beef (once a month receive 6 lbs of 100% grass fed beef) $390

    • Add on ground beef (once a month receive 4 lbs of 100% grass fed ground beef) $198

    • Add on pork (once a month receive 6 lbs pastured raised pork) $345

    • Add on broilers (2 broilers per month raised on non-GMO feed by our friends at Vernon Farm) $292.50

    • Add on stew hen (2 pastured raised stew hens a month) $120

  • Add on dairy (choices will be made through our online system)

    • 3 items per week $360 (available biweekly also)

    • 2 items per week $240 (available biweekly also)

  • Add on eggs (1 dozen per week) $140 (available biweekly also)

  • Add on maple syrup (1 jug per month, from North Family Farm) $100

For detailed information on shares available & distribution locations see our seasonal brochures linked to above.


Share Pricing:   The prices of base shares and add-ons are laid out in our session brochures linked to above. Registration will remain open as long as there are shares available.  The price for late registration will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining in the session, and a $25 late registration fee applies. Depending on the season, members are expected to pay 50% as a deposit at registration, with the remaining 50% due the first week of the session. Payment plans are also available when you register online. Please contact us if you would like to make other payment arrangements.

Find out how you can invite friends, create a drop-off hub and get a discount on your own share - Learn about the Partner Distribution Program

Questions about our CSA program should be directed to