Product List

Organic Vegetables

Available by season, we offer a variety of veggies from greens to squash to root crops and almost everything in between! Find them in our CSA shares, our Farm Store & at select retail locations.

Fresh Milk & Cream – Grass Fed

Whole Raw Milk                 Half Gallon

2% Low fat Raw Milk          Half Gallon

*If kept sealed and at 36 degrees, raw milk should keep for up to two weeks. If the bottle is opened, the milk should be consumed within 7 days.

Raw Cream                         Pint

Other sizes are available and choice for plastic is possible per pre-order

Fresh Cultured Dairy – Grass Fed

Whole Yogurt – mild and creamy                                 Quart

Low fat Yogurt – mild and creamy                               Quart

Maple Greek Yogurt

Plain Greek Yogurt

Kefir Low fat– similar to yogurt, drinkable, tangy        Quart

Buttermilk – European style                                         Quart

Sour Cream

Butter- naturally yellow and real                                   Half Pint

*All of the cultured products are pasteurized.

Farmstead Cheeses – Grass Fed

Camembert – Bloomy French soft cheese,aged 4- 6 weeks

Brie – Bloomy French soft cheese,aged 4 – 6 weeks

Raw Cheddar Cheese – mild, aged for 5-9 months

Raw Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese

Raw Cloth Bound Cheddar Cheese

Smoked Raw Cheddar Cheese

Feta – cows milk, brined in saltwater

Cottage Cheese – creamy, mild

Quark – Plain, German Style – German lactic acid soft cheese

Quark – Garlic & Dill – German lactic acid soft cheese

Quark – Horseradish – German lactic acid soft cheese

Pork – Pastured & Whey/Milk Fed

Sausage – Breakfast- link

Sausage – Sweet Italian – link

Sausage – Hot Italian – link


Ground Pork

Pork Chops

Shoulder Roast

Spare Ribs

Whole Tenderloin

Sliced Ham

*We offer half pigs, please email for pricing. All the pigs are USDA slaughtered, custom cut and cryovac.

Beef – Grass Fed

Ground Beef

Stew Beef

*Cuts are mostly available through CSA

Poultry- Pastured

Whole Roasting Chicken

Stewing Hen

Grains – Farm Grown and Fresh Stone Milled

Flour – Pastry

Flour – Whole Wheat

Flour – Rye