Tours and Hayrides

During spring, summer, and fall, Brookford Farm offers monthly hayrides and farm tours which are great for people of all ages. On a Brookford Farm tour, you can expect to see up-close views of the cows, pigs, and chickens in the pastures, as well as our vegetable gardens, grain fields, and pastures. At certain times of year, it’s likely that you’ll even get to see newborn calves, piglets, or chicks.

More than just sightseeing trips, Brookford Farm tours are led by knowledgeable guides who are farmers themselves, and who are able to explain the interconnected mysteries which are the sum total of a farm as diverse as ours. Hayrides, like farming, happen in all types of weather, so be sure to bring clothing for your group which will make everyone comfortable.

These tours are totally free and no reservations are required so be sure to check our events calendar for upcoming dates and times!

School and Home School Tours are also available.  Come learn about a working farm and the interconnections of nature.  School Tours do require a reservation and a fee of $6 per person.

Photo by Andrea Morales of the Concord Monitor

Apprenticeship Program

One of our endeavors at Brookford Farm is to be a training ground for future farmers. Each year, we train several apprentices who work on all aspects of farm operations, including gardening, dairy farming, general animal care, and cheese-making. Apprentices are fully immersed in farm life, and participate in seasonal and daily farm cycles from preparing seed-beds in the spring to moving chicken fences in late morning.

We are looking for apprentices who are able to take responsibility for their work, who are interested in being part of a farm community of a dozen or so people who work together very closely, and who understand that, in addition to great satisfaction, working on a farm involves hard work and long hours.

If you’ve got experience in some aspect of farming and know you have the physical and mental constitution for this type of lifestyle (including working long hours in the elements, lifting heavy objects, and problem-solving as an individual as well as within a team,) please e-mail us your resume, cover letter, and three letters of reference.