Kohlrabi (is your new favorite vegetable)

This is a selfish post. It is selfish, because it’s about kohlrabi, and because it is my full intention to convert every person who reads this kohlrabi-praising-post into an unrestrained lover of my favorite vegetable. You’ve been warned.

I love many, many vegetables. Voluptuous tomatoes, silky greens, jewel toned eggplant, pungent brassicas, crisp radishes...I have many loves of the vegetable variety. I even have many favorites. But one favorite rises above all other favorites for me, and that’s the bulbous, thickly skinned, alien looking kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi is not something you find in the average grocery store. Although it looks like it might possibly be a root vegetable, the round kohlrabi bulb is actually the plant’s delectable stem. Kohlrabi also grows lush green leaves from its stem, which, like turnip and beet greens, can be eaten and enjoyed (either raw or cooked). Kohlrabi tastes similar to broccoli, though it is less pungent, more sweet, and more tender-crisp.

I adore the flavor of kohlrabi. Peeled, I could eat an entire bulb raw like an apple. It is mild, satisfyingly crunchy, fresh tasting, and SO SO SO versatile. You can chop it up and serve it in a salad, make it into a really tasty slaw, mash it, use it to make fries, pickle it, ferment it, grill it, roast it, turn it into soup, make fritters, stir-fry it, make curry with it...honestly, it’s probably quicker to list the things you cannot do with kohlrabi.

When you see kohlrabi in your CSA box (it can be either green or purple, large or small), don’t be scared! The most difficult thing about kohlrabi is deciding how you’re going to use it, because there are so many delicious options to choose from! The best plan of action, of course, is to try them all, and fall fully and completely in love.