New Shares for the Summer Session

I’m pretty excited about this year’s summer session. In response to customer feedback, two  new share types are available this summer, and they’re pretty neat. The first is a Peak Season Vegetable Share, which includes twelve weeks of Brookford’s most popular harvest offerings. The second is an Artisanal Cheese share that will provide two cheese selections each week for either 12 or 20 weeks, depending on which option the customer chooses.


The Peak Season Vegetable Share is a great option for lots of people. Running June 27 through September 12th, it will feature the best vegetables of the growing season, in a convenient half-share size. For smaller households that fear a full veggie share would be too much, this is a great opportunity to partake in the best of what Brookford has to offer. For anyone who has wanted to try the CSA but fears the commitment of the full summer session, the peak season share comes with a smaller price tag during the most lush vegetable season. Because this share is half-size, it will work very well for folks who still like the flexibility of supplementing with produce from the store and/or home gardens.  At only $23.33 per week, the peak season share is a really, really great value.


The Artisanal Cheese Share is another exciting option that I’m really happy to see. Over the past few years, Brookford has offered an increasingly diverse variety of cheeses - from Jalepeno to blue cheese to clothbound cheddar. Anyone who is a lover of truly delicious cheese can empathize with how difficult it is for many dairy share customers to narrow down dairy selections each week. I love the idea of a cheese share that will surprise customers with something different and exciting each week, and perhaps help nudge customers into trying, and falling in love with, something new. If you haven’t recently checked out the huge variety of truly excellent cheese that is now offered through Brookford’s CSA, you might be in for a surprise. The farm is now making brie, camembert, raw clothbound cheddar, smoked cheddar, raw cheddar, jalepeno cheddar, gouda, feta, maasdam, mozzarella (seasonally available) and raw blue cheese. It’s all from happy, grass fed cows, and it’s all really, really good. I’m working on a post highlighting the various cheeses and look forward to sharing that (and my obsession with the Shades of Blue raw blue cheese) in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if cheese is your thing, you need this in your life. This share will run for either 12 weeks for $180 (coinciding with the peak veggie timeline) or 20 weeks for $280, at the customer’s discretion.


As I was writing about these shares, I was thinking about how much fun either would be as a gift; perhaps for a wedding, bridal shower, warm weather birthday, anniversary, or just because. With CSA pickup sites throughout most of the state, it’s pretty easy to find a convenient location for most customers to pick up. I’m pretty sure there’s no gift that could possibly outshine a full summer of farm food.

In addition to these fun new shares, Brookford will be offering their typical shares for the summer as well. The summer session starts soon...June 6th! Sign up soon to make sure you don’t miss out. You can register online here: